Top 10 Animals that Hunt Rattlesnakes


Rattlesnakes only use their venom to hunt or kill other animals. Kingsnakes are most notorious animals that hunt rattlesnakes.


Eagles are known for eating a variety of animals, including snakes, fish, and small mammals.


Owls are discouraged by a rattlesnake’s fearsome rattle; no breed or species of owl enjoys eating snakes as a first choice.


They are also not immune to snake venom, which is why hawks often eat sections of a snake rather than a snake in its entirety.


These large and impressive looking birds may not look like snake killers at first, but their talons and beaks say otherwise.


While roadrunners have a natural enemy in coyotes, they are also one of the few animals that hunts rattlesnakes regularly.


They are both rattlesnakes and coyotes occupy similar habitats to one another, and coyotes kill venomous snakes regularly.

Black Racer

Black racers are non-venomous and rarely aggressive, capable of controlling rodent and snake populations around your home.


There are very few animals capable of escaping a bobcat, and rattlesnakes are not one of them. Large cats are incredibly dexterous.

Feral Cats

While feral cats may not have the size advantage that bobcats have, they are still capable of hunting and killing rattlesnakes.

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