Top 10 Beautiful Hill Stations In The World, Ranked.

Cypress Hill

The mile-long Cypress Hills are a mountainous range in Canada's southeast Alberta and southwest Saskatchewan.


The city of Ooty is situated right in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, 2240 meters above sea level.


The most popular hills among tourists world are those located at a height of 2050 m above sea level.


After the winter, the location certainly seems interesting. where visitors can take part in a variety of snow sports.


The site is situated in Uttarakhand's Dehradun district at a vertical position of 2006 meters.


At an elevation of 1608 meters, Zermatt is a modest hilly region at the base of the Alps' highest mountain.


The area offers a stunning view of the Himalayan Mountains as well as historic monasteries, natural lakes, and zoological parks.


The area is overflowing with thrilling things including water parks, floral gardens, and gorgeous mountain views.


Formerly called as The Heave on Earth, Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir was viewed as a paradise on Earth.

The Great Smoky Mountain

This hill station, which has a 2025 m position, is situated in North Carolina, America.

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