Top 10 Best Anime Couples of all time

Yato & Hiyori

Given the number of shows we had to catch up on, I wasn't really intrigued when my partner offered we watch Noragami.

Ichigo & Orihime 

Ichigo is a badass with a quick temper who is headstrong and stubborn. Even when Ichigo is at his loudest, Orihime is kind, sensitive, and soft-spoken.

Meliodas & Elizabeth

If you have seen Seven Deadly Sins, you know that a lot of the key characters are struggling for love in some way.

Tatsumi & Mine 

If their relationship is straight out of a high school romance, it is clear that it has value when you see Mine fight to free her love after his capture.

Renji & Rukia 

Renji and Rukia had been in love ever since they were little. Even though it appeared like Rukia and Ichigo might be dating.

Naruto & Hinata

Yet another relationship that was obvious from a distance but uses two television shows and a film before it could be finished.

Kirigaya & Yuuki 

When Kirigaya is with other women in the game, there is certainly a lot of interest to him due of his swordsmanship and this kind of loyalty.

Asuma & Kurenai 

A tragic couple acknowledged by all the students, but whose romance was never made public.

Kenshin & Kaoru

We were aware that something may be occurring on between these two the instant Kaoru struck Kenshin.

Edward & Winry

Since Winry was the only one who could build and fix Edward's mechanical limbs, their exchanges were always amusing.

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