The 10 Best Cameos In All The MCU Thor Movies


Before Hawkeye made his mark in the MCU the marksman's debut was marked by an uncredited cameo in Thor.


Most famous for his role as that show's hot-headed footballer Roy Kent, Goldstein might suit an equally temperamental Hercules.


As New Asgard turns into a tourist destination in Love and Thunder, the theater actors from the previous movie expand their business.


Simonson is the visionary who created the favorite character Beta Ray Bill and wrote what is widely considered the book's best run.

Wolf Woman

Love and Thunder is quite a family affair for Chris Hemsworth given that his brother, daughter and wife make guest appearances.

Loki Disguised

As Thor and Loki team up to escape from Asgard in The Dark World, the latter goes through a number of disguises.

The Asgardian Player

When Taika Waititi lightened up Thor's world with Ragnarok, some unexpected stars were brought to screen

Truck Driver

Michael Straczynski experimented with Thor. In his run, he even ended up shifting Asgard to Oklahoma.

Mental Ward Patient

In his lifetime, Stan Lee didn't leave any MCU movie without a cameo appearance. While he too appears as a  driver Michael in Thor.


Right from the start of Love and Thunder, India Rose Hemsworth is introduced as Gorr's dying daughter Love.

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