Top 10 Best Modern American Motorcycles On The Road

The Confederate FA-13 Combat Bomber

And finally, we have the most American of American motorcycles: the Confederate FA-13 Combat Bomber.

The Rokon Trail Breaker

No list of American motorcycles would be complete without adding this classic to the list.

The Zero SR

 This American-built beauty is one of the most popular electric motorcycles currently in production.

The Indian Scout Bobber

Ever since Polaris took on the Indian name back in 2011, good old Indian has been moving from strength to strength.

The Alta Motors Red Shift SM

Their range of all-electric, all-American motorcycles has now expanded to include some more road-focused models.

The Erik Buell Racing 1190RS

 While it has some Harley-Davidson DNA, the 1190RS is a whole new species of motorcycle.

The Lightning LS-218

It’s called the LS-218 and it’s an electric motorcycle that can hit speeds of 218 mph.

The Victory 8-Ball

Take an engine, and smooth transmission, add a single seat, and a big front wheel, and paint it all black.

The Harley-Davidson Street Bob

The secret to Street Bob’s sporty nature is the new frame geometry, which allows for some aggressive lean angles.

The Motus MSTR

The Motus MSTR is an undeniable work of art, but like all fantastic machines, it comes with a large price tag.

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