10 Best Superhero Shows to Watch on Netflix, Disney+, and More

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Gunn achieves his goal of creating something that is shamelessly enjoyable in full because Cena is amazing in the show.

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With its crazy plot twists and turns, the series comes the closest to putting an actual comic book on TV.

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WandaVision has an innovative gimmick that goes beyond the typical superhero theme, which is cool.

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Superman & Lois

After airing just one episode, the grown-up superhero television series on The CW was picked up for a second season.

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Oliver Queen, a spoiled millionaire playboy, spends five years on a barren island before being rescued by the vigilante team Arrow.

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The Flash

Barry Allen's (Grant Gustin) journey to becoming the Flash, Central City's speedy hero, is chronicled in Arrow's first spin-off.

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The Boys

You'll love The Boys, Eric Kripke's adaptation of the same-named comic book series from the Supernatural creator.

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Like The Boys, Watchmen offers a darker spin on the genre and features just one superpowered character.

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Doom Patrol

We have no right to declare Doom Patrol to be the top superhero television programme. Exactly our place, I kid you not.

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Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones owns a private investigation agency in New York City, where she occasionally needs to use her superpowers.

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