The 10 Best Survival Movies to Test Your Mettle

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Moonfall speculates on what may occur if the moon were to be accidentally thrown out of orbit.

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It centres on a young woman who cares for her father, who is unable to leave his home amid a storm's order for evacuation.

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What could possibly go wrong when a 44-inch boat is to be delivered to a wealthy couple by two young people in love?

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The Shallows 

A medical student played by Blake Lively is cast as a solitary surfer who gets stuck on a rock with a shark swirling around her.

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The Martian 

The Martian, an adaptation of Andy Weir's self-published book, tells the tale of a botanist who ends up stranded on the Red Planet.

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The Revenant 

Leonardo DiCaprio received his first Best Actor Oscar for this film, and Alejandro received his second Oscar after Birdman.

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The 1996 Mount Everest accident is accurately shown in this movie. This movie is incredibly gorgeous.

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All Is Lost 

The single, virtually quiet performance that Robert Redford gave in this film garnered him a tonne of praise.

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When this film was released, it was nominated for ten Academy Awards, including Best Actress and Best Picture.

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The raft is still on view in an Oslo museum, and the story is based on a genuine one. This is an exquisite film.

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