Top 10 Biggest Dams In The World, Ranked

Kariba Dam

It is an arch dam, 128 metres high and 579 metres long that has a reservoir capacity of 185 billion cubic metres of water.

Bratsk Dam

Built between 1954 and 1964, it holds 169 billion cubic metres of water, stretching for 5.4 square kilometres.

Akosombo Dam

With a reservoir of 144 billion cubic metres, the third biggest dam in the world by reservoir is behind the Lake Volta.

Daniel Johnson Dam

This Canadian dam on the Manicouagan River in Québec is the longest multiple-arch buttress dam.

Guri Dam

This gravity dam is 162 m high and 7.5 km long. For many years, it was the most powerful with a capacity of 10,200 mw.

Assuan Dam

This is the biggest dam on the Nile River in Egypt. The lake created by the reservoir is named after Gamal Abdel Nasser.

W.A.C. Bennet Dam

The reservoir’s capacity is 74 billion cubic meters of water, contained by a structure 183 meters high.

Krasnojarsk Dam

Located on the Enisej River in Siberia, Russia, it has a reservoir with a capacity of 73 billion cubic metres.

Zeya Dam

Completed in 1975, it has a reservoir with a capacity of 68 billion cubic metres in Russia near the border with China.

Robert-Bourassa Dam

This dam in the Canadian province of Québec has a reservoir of 61.7 billion cubic m of water that covers nearly three s\km.

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