Top 10 Biggest Flowers in the World


Lotus is one of the largest flowers in the world. Lotuses are magnificent. And their blooms are worthy of decoration.


Magnolias may have exotic origins but they are actually quite easy to grow and well suited to a Western climate.


Hibiscus is a beautiful flower that comes in a number of colors and is also known as rose-mallow in some areas.

Tree peony

Tree Peony undoubtedly is the cutest world's biggest flower name. Tree peonies are gorgeous and huge.


Sunflowers come in a variety of dramatic Indian summer and fall colors. It has long, strong stems and are long-lasting.

Puya raimondii

Some varieties of Puya raimondii flowers have multiple heads. These are typically big sized flowers.

Neptune grass

Posidonia oceanica is a very non-traditional flower that is massive in size. It is also called Mediterranean tapeweed.

Talipot palm

Just like bougainvillea, Talipot palms have developed pigments. And, needless to mention they are massive in size.

Titan arum

The Titan arum is a spectacular flower that looks nothing like the other flowers you will come across and cannot find anywhere.

Rafflesia arnoldii

It's diameter is over 3 feet. It is a parasitic plant that feeds on insects and other beings.

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