Top 10 cute pictures of animals


It's difficult to pick a fave from all the adorable creatures, but the quokka has the advantage to its sensitivity.

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Black-Footed Cat

The black-footed cat, also also as the small-spotted cat, is one of the shortest wild cats in the world and the smallest in Africa.

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Fennec Fox

A fragile, short mammal with a baby face, fluffy paws, and huge ears is also Algeria's national animal.

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Sea Otter

When a sea otter named Joey was saved from a closer condition, YouTube viewers were moved to tears.

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The Chevrotain, also referred to as the mouse deer, is the world's tiniest hoofed animal.

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The spherical, spiky body and utterly adorable facial expression of this small animal make it popular.

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The tiger salamander and the Mexican moving fish were related. It's not a fish, despite its name; it's a reptile.

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A meerkat has a long tail that is around 14 inches tall. Meerkats are very communicative animals.

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Red Panda

The eastern Himalayas and southwest China are the red panda's natural environments .

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Pygmy Marmoset

The South American Amazon forest is home to the little New World monkey known as the pygmy marmoset.

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