Top 10 Dumbest Inventions of All Time, Ranked

Doc Bottoms Aspray

Although it's pronounced "A-spray," the writers might as well have added an extra "s." This body odour spray's infomercial.


People who are not intelligent enough to keep track of their drinks are targeted with the BeerPager.


Kush serves as a cleavage cushion and is designed to keep your breasts apart while you sleep. It makes a dumbest inventions.

The Sound Bubble [aka Speech Bubble]

In essence, the Sound Bubble is a huge plastic helmet with enormous mouth and ear openings.

The Sound Bubble [aka Speech Bubble]

Phone Fingers

A first-world problem is when your iPhone has fingerprints on it. Even if you're extremely picky about smudges, Phone Fingers aren't the solution.

USB Pet Rock

Many would contend that the Pet Rock is already a rather ridiculous concept. After all, it has no function whatsoever, doesn't move, or consume anything.

Freedom Flask

The Freedom Flask is not the right instrument if you want to covertly transport alcohol into an area that forbids its consumption.

Behringer iNuke Boom

The iNuke Boom by Fraunhofer is 4 feet tall, 8 feet wide, and weighs somewhere between 700 and 900 pounds!


Even while we enjoy tapping, swiping, and monitoring our social feeds, the iPotty may be evidence that technological advancements have become excessive.

Nice Cup in Bra

It seems that golf has become so well-liked in Japan that female players seek to practise their putting while on the road.

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