10 Entertainment K-Pop Companies in Korea  

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Big Hit Entertainment

The first artist signed by Big Hit, a male vocalist named K.Will, quit after a year under contract.

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JYP Entertainment

Among Korea's three major entertainment conglomerates, JYP Entertainment is a sizable organisation.

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SM Entertainment

The business has produced numerous well-known K-Pop artists with a sizable international fan base.

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YG Entertainment

Apart from the enduringly successful K-pop group Big Bang, YG Entertainment also oversees other bands.

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Stone Music Entertainment

CJ E&M Music, often known as Stone Music Entertainment, is a division of the CJ E&M of the CJ Group.

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FNC Entertainment

Although it is a division of CJ E&M Music, FNC Entertainment has achieved success recently.

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Cube Entertainment

Previously the CEO of JYP Entertainment, Hong Seung Sung started Cube Entertainment.

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Starship Entertainment

Kim Shi Dae, the manager of the band Cool and a former worker for Big Hit Entertainment, created Starship Entertainment.

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Woollim Entertainment

Epik High's company used to be called Woollim Entertainment. Only after INFINITE's Woollim debut in 2010 did things start to alter.

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Pledis Entertainment

In 2007, the same year that Pledis Entertainment was established, the Big3 began a period of rapid growth.

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