Top 10 Fastest Animals in the world


The cheetah can only sprint at full speed for about 60 seconds, limiting this great speed to very brief bursts.


The pronghorn, which may be found from Canada to California, is not just the second-fastest land animal.


The springbok is a little gazelle found in southern Africa in herds. It is one among the world's fastest animals.


The blue and black wildebeest, two kinds of which can be found in East and Southern Africa, are both very quick for their size.


The lion is the world's fastest big cat, reaching the top acceleration of 80 kilometers per hour.


In southern Asia, the blackbuck, sometimes known as the Indian antelope, can be found in Pakistan, Nepal, and India.


Hares can run up to 80 km/h on their strong, muscular hind legs to outrun predators in their grassland surroundings.


The world's fastest dogs, greyhounds are members of the sighthound family of hunting canines and have been bred for hundreds of years.


Large marsupials known as kangaroos are only found in Australia and a few islands in New Guinea.

African wild dog

Almost 60% success rate of the rare African wild dogs' hunt is amazing; it's due, among other things, to their speed and stamina.

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