Top 10 Female Superheroes in DC Comic


Supergirl has Vast immense superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, agility, senses, intelligence, and longevity.


Alice doesn't typically have super powers. She is, however, incredibly skilled thanks to her training to become a fighter.


Vixen comes from a long line of women who are able to access the spirits of animals to help guide them.


Despite often being a villain scaling buildings and opening uncrackable safes, she has her own code.

Black Canary

A mantle passed down from mother to daughter, the Black Canary sometimes uses a device to "scream" at her opponents.

Lois Lane

Her characterization has always been so much more than to be tied to her romance with Superman. 

Amanda Waller

If there’s one person who can give any metahuman living nightmares it would have to be Amanda Waller.


Batgirl has always been on wish lists for any Batman media, mainly because her characterization allows her to fit in any role.

Harley Quinn

The DCEU version has portrayed the character at her most powerful, where her mental wellbeing is concerned.

Talia Al Ghul

Stories featuring the Al-Ghul family have always been ahead of their time, Talia’s involvement being the most complex for Batman.

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