Top 10 Highest Rated Web Series of all time

Breaking Bad

If you saw this program every day, you want to wipe your mind clean, only to re-live Breaking Bad over and again, brilliant.


This Holmes-based Sherlock does have his website, wants to use his Blackberry, and gets a smoking rush.


 Tell yourself what you are going to do with the program, and Lord knows it has both admirers and detractors.


I don't know how and when to sum it up until you have GOT to see this program! Take the stranger's word for it.

Back Mirror

Over the decades, Black Mirror has developed a dedicated army of followers and great worldwide notoriety.

Stranger Thing

It is without a doubt one of Netflix's biggest events of the last several years, one that has stormed the entertainment world.

Sacred Game

Sacred Games has, without a doubt, gained huge attention because of its frightful script and adrenaline-inducing melodrama.

Mind Hunter

if you enter this concert and expect a 7even-even quick speed scenario and exciting action because this is a sluggish Brunner.

Sex Education

Sex education is funny, and honest. There is nothing in this program that won't let you smile broadly.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This Netflix TV program is ideal for snuggling on the bed and wrapping over several episodes with a significant Gothic flavor.

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