Top 10 Largest Cities in New York, Ranked

New York City

New York City is home to over eight million residents of every age and background imaginable.


This Western New York city is located on Lake Erie, within 20 short miles of Niagara Falls.


Despite its negative population growth, the City of Rochester remains one of the best cities for students and families.


According to World Population Review, Yonkers is “one of the fastest growing cities in the State of New York .


Home to Le Moyne College and Syracuse University, the City of Syracuse is well-known for its educational institutions.


The capital city of New York also happens to be one of the most popular places to live in the state.

New Rochelle

The City of New Rochelle is a bustling, vibrant community with a diverse population and a number of cultural attractions.

Mount Vernon

Located between Yonkers and New Rochelle, is considered to be an inner suburb of New York City.


It is a bustling downtown with a business district, large farmers market and a number of tasty restaurants.


Located east of Syracuse in the Mohawk Valley, the City of Utica offers exceptionally affordable homes and plenty to do.

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