10 Legacy Characters Marvel Should Revisit

The Children Of The Atom 

The Krakoa era produced some hits and misses. While writer Vita Ayala and artists Bernard Chang and Paco Medina's Children Of The Atom.

Monica Rambeau 

One of the most bizarrely unsung legacy characters is Monica Rambeau. She took over as Captain Marvel after the original's death.

Danny Ketch 

Robby Reyes has been Ghost Rider for a couple of years now, joining the Avengers and making a name for himself in the superhero community.

Rikki Barnes 

Everyone knows Bucky Barnes and his accomplishments, but few know about Rikki Barnes. The modern-day Bucky of the Heroes.

Reine Du Rien 

Wolverine has been rather prolific when it comes to having kids, even if he's not always the best father.

The Scarlet Samurai 

Mariko Yashida remained Wolverine's greatest love, eventually dying by his hand after she was poisoned by blowfish toxin.


Hyperion was a refugee from the destroyed Earth-13034 who joined the Avengers during the Incursions. He's one of the most powerful Avengers.


Wielding Mjolnir, Eric gained the power of the God of Thunder but kept his memories and personality.


Patriot was the grandson of the Isaiah Bradley, one of the secret test subjects for the super soldier serum.


Spider-Girl proved just how much power fans could wield. May "Mayday" Parker first appeared in an issue of What If.

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