Top 10  monsoon special street foods  in India

Aloo Tikki

Every event, whether it be a wedding, house party, market stroll, or a trip to the mall, would be missing without the tasty Aloo.


This sour, minty street food dish, also known as Gol Gappas and Pani Puri, is the perfect cure for all your mood swings.

Vada Pao

An Indian-style spicy burger is called a vada pao. Thanks to the hot peppers inside, this traditional Marathi food warms your belly.


A popular food meal with Kutch roots is dabeli. You might be astonished to learn that the Kutch region uses over 20 lakh.


You'll dive into the yummy meals and break the social stigma with street eating as a results. Bhallas.


In Delhi, you won't come across a single street without a momo stall. The North Indians in this nation really like this Tibetan dish.

Akki Rotti 

One of the most popular dishes when it comes to eating from roadside stalls is Akki Rotti, or rice bread, which is the full breakfast.

Mirchi Bajji 

Even though I'm sure we've all tasted Mirch k Pakode, I can promise you that none of them equal to the ones in Hyderabad.

Cholle Bhaturey

This meal was once a common street dish in some areas of Punjab, but it is now madly popular all over North India.

Tunde Kabab

You will salivate over the taste of this dish! It is one of Lucknow's most famous street foods and is extremely delicious.

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