10 Of The Most Beautiful Lightsticks Of K-Pop Group

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Candy Bong

The Candy Bong received a significant update, looking darker than its former appearance yet still great than ever!

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Newrat Bong

Beyond everyone's expectations, SEVENTEEN improved its lightstick and released a second iteration.

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Eribong Ver. 3

EXO's lightstick, which still sports the recognisable "EXO" design, is a clear, straightforward, and elegant example of this.

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Hammer Bong

One of the cutest lightsticks out there is BLACKPINK's hammer bong, possibly. One trait found alone in the lightstick is unique.

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Wujujung Bong

With how their cosmos concept is portrayed in the group's lightstick, The Cosmic Girls definitely got it right!

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Army Bomb Ver. 3

The Army Bomb lightstick has been modified to provide seat synchronisation while still retain its distinctive "bomb" shape.

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Mondoongie Ver. 2

The Mondoongie lightstick kept its distinctive look as well, however the colours were muted in this iteration.

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CHUNGHA’s Lightstick

Recently, CHUNGHA debuted her official lightstick, and since then, she has garnered a lot of affection.

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Bamhaneul  Bong Ver. 2

We greet the Night Sky after the Glass Marble, which was actually a snowglobe with water and glitter inside.

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iKON’s Konbat

The most unusual lightstick there has to be this one. It's not your typical baseball bat, either.

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