10 most Beautiful significant social impact films

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Black Panther

Black Panther had one of the most pronounced social impacts in movie history. This movie is incredibly lovely.

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Minding the Gap

In Minding the Gap, a variety of issues are addressed, including racism's pervasiveness as well as cycles of addiction and violence.

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Boy Erased

That question is delicately tinted in Joel Edgerton's adaptation of Gerrard Conley's autobiography.

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The Hate U Give

One of the few movies this year, The Hate U Give, addressed the recent wave of African-Americans killed by police explicitly.

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Dark Money

The documentary by director Kimberly Reed tracks the disastrous consequences of that choice for her home state.

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The core of Mexican filmmaker's black-and-white neorealist masterwork is the unbreakable ties of class and the place of women.

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First Reformed

Does God intend to pardon us? A concerned environmentalist initially asked his priest this query.

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Ben is Back

Filmmakers that focus on the country's opiate addiction issue have a difficult task ahead of them.

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Science Fair

One of them is a Muslim American who attends a South Dakota school that is uninterested in her award-winning football career.

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Three Identical Stranger

Is it nature or nurture that determines a person's course in life? This subject seems to have no clear-cut answer.

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