Top 10 Most Ruthless MCU Characters, According To Ranker


Hela is a villain the MCU didn’t bother with giving a tragic backstory, redeemable qualities, or any empathy at all.


Thanos caused half of all life in the universe to disappear and his alternate version planned on killing everyone.


Ultron nearly followed through with raising Sokovia to crash it into Earth and kill all of life.

Scarlet Witch

Many have argued that after the events of Doctor Strange 2, where she destroyed Kamar-Taj’s forces and wreaked havoc across the multiverse


Dreykov was a relatively stereotypical bad guy who had plans to use the Black Widows to carry out assassinations.


Dormammu is easily among the most powerful characters in the MCU, capable of decimating the entire Earth.

Erik Killmonger

The MCU version wasn’t as skilled as the comic book version of Killmonger but was just as dangerous.


Wenwu was so overcome with grief that he became a feared warlord and ruler of the Ten Rings Organization.

Aldrich Killian

Aldrich Killian came up with the Extremis treatment that granted him and his lackeys dangerous fire-based powers.

The Winter Soldier

Most of Bucky Barnes’ best quotes in the MCU have to do with dealing with the trauma of being forced to work for HYDRA.

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