10 Popular Cricket Captain In The World All Time

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni 

In terms of white ball captaining, Dhoni is unmatched, and as a captain, he has taken home every cricketing title.

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Ricky Ponting

The Australian squad was elevated to a new level by Ricky Ponting, who took up where Steve Waugh left off.

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Steve Waugh 

The cricketer who launched Australia's reign of terror in the 1990s was a fighter who excelled with the bat, ball, and as a leader.

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Clive Lloyd 

As the leader of the cricket team that was the most dominant in history, Clive is revered throughout the world.

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Imran Khan 

He led Pakistan to victory in the 1992 Cricket World Cup, which is still the only one that country has ever won.

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Sourav Ganguly 

The way Indian cricket is played has altered thanks to Dada, as he is affectionately known by his admirers and close friends.

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Graeme Smith 

He is the only person in the world to have led his country's team in more Test matches than any other.

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Eoin Morgan 

Eoin Morgan, England's captain, has revolutionised white-ball cricket by focusing on it instead of red-ball cricket.

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Brendon Mccullum 

In December 2012, Brendon Mccullum, a dasher famed for his daring batting, was appointed captain of New Zealand.

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Arjuna Ranatunga 

His outstanding leadership abilities and vision for Sri Lankan cricket effectively turned around the team's fortunes.

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