Top 10  Richest Countries Of The World 2022

United States 

The United States, which is in North America, is the third-largest nation in the world by both area and population.


The most populous country is China. In 2021, it beat the U.s to hold first place on a list of the richest countries in the world.


According to the International Monetary Fund, the island nation of East Asia ranks third on the list of the world's richest countries.


Germany officially called the Federal Republic of Germany, is the second-most populated country on the continent of Europe.

United Kingdom 

England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom, an island nation in Europe.


According to the IMF, the Indian economy is the sixth-largest in the world. In the budget year 2020–2021, the economy stood at 3..18.


France, another country from Europe, has made it up the list of the world's richest countries to be in the top ten.


The Italian economy recovered well from the pandemic shock, with output nearly reaching pre-COVID levels by late 2021.


Another North American nation has overtaken the US to claim a place among the world's richest countries.

South Korea 

According to the IMF, this will have the tenth-largest economy in the world by 2020–21. The Asia's Republic of Korea is a well-known nation.

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