Top 10 Snakes with the Biggest Heads In The World Ranked

Gaboon Viper

These large snakes can grow between 48-84 inches in length. The gaboon viper has the largest head of any snake in the world.

King Cobra

The king cobra is a large snake with a large, bulky head. This snake lives in Southeast Asia, southern China.

Blunt-Headed Tree Snake

The blunt-headed tree snake has an unusually large head in proportion to its extremely thin body.

Copperhead Snake

Like its name suggests, the copperhead snake has large copper-red head shaped like a broad triangle or arrowhead.

Eastern Hognose Snake

Eastern hognose snakes come in a wide variety of colors and patterns depending on where they live.

Wagler Palm Pit Viper

Sometimes they are referred to as temple vipers because they are common around Malaysia’s Temple of the Azure Cloud.

Cottonmouth Snake

The Cottonmouth Snake is native to the southeastern United States. This semiaquatic viper is an excellent swimmer.

Arabian Horned Viper

This snake only measures between 12-24 inches, with keeled or ridged scales covering the length of its thickset body.

Dog-Toothed Cat Snake

These large snakes can grow up to 78 inches in length with yellowish-brown, reddish-brown, or orange-brown bodies.

Bighead Sea Snake

These snakes have grey or blue-grey bodies with darker stripes or crossbands running along their entire length.

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