Top 10 strongest attacks in Pokemon, Ranked


Explosion is an attack where the user will build up power inside of itself, to release it all later.


Scald would be just another water-type move if we were to judge it only by the power behind it.


One of the best moves from the beginning of the franchise. user would become confused by the sudden explosion of power.


Moonblast bathes the user with a shining white power that can later be converted into an energy ball that can hit the opponent.

Hyper Beam

An iconic attack in Pokemon, Hyper Beam, has been one of the most used and most destructive attacks in the franchise for years.

Focus Punch

The user of Focus Punch will tighten its focus before any other moves are made. Focus Punch attacks as normal.


Its creates an extremely powerful explosion of sound that can neutralize most of the opponents it hits with expansive waves.


Eruption is one of the best moves to start a fight with. The attack becomes stronger with the stamina of the Pokemon that uses it.


Spore used to put any creature it hits to sleep. A sleeping Pokemon isn't like a paralyzed one, since paralysis allows them to fight.

Foul play

Foul Play is a move used by those with a low physical attacks to defeat the ones that specialize in it.

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