Top 10 Trainable Pet Birds


However, macaws are not ideal for every home that they can also be fully noisy and require lots of space to span their wings.

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African Grey Parrot

With a little more hard training, African greys can quickly pick up the ability to mimic sound and speak.

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Amazon Parrot

While they are also quite social and clever, these stocky birds are usually characterised as having hard attitudes.

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Every one of them has an unique crest on top of head, which they will hold erect for various reasons, including anxiety.

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They are also less expensive than larger birds, take up less space, and are simple to find in pet stores.

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Mynah Bird

Unlike certain birds, mynah birds are less frequently kept as pets, but they can still be bought from special breeders.

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Hugely popular in pet stores, the cockatiel is sometimes neglected as a little bird with good trainability.

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There are several conure species, but the bulk are renowned for just being highly friendly, active, and rapid learners.

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Indian Ringneck

Additionally, they can enjoy training sessions with their owners and learn a number of tricks.

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As a result, you must take better care not to repeat or reinforce any unpleasant phrases or acts.

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